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We offer you custom production alternatives by targeting to be an exclusive solution partner on your projects. From designing the shape of the profiles to the sophisticated fabrication and a large range of surface treatments, TKY Aluminum Ltd is going to be your indispensable customized aluminum profile supplier. Contact us, let us evaluate your project together, we are proud to offer our solution suggestions.

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Customized Aluminium Profiles 

TKY Architectural Aluminium is aiming to create relationships with our business partners by focusing on problem-solving management which we believe that it is the key to assist our clients. The supply of bespoke aluminum profile has been offered talents to our company in different fields. Such as facade systems, shower enclosure, flooring, furniture and automotive, solar panel systems ext.

The team of R&D department has always ready to share their knowledge and advise for your project based on the deep ability for all manufacturing processes such as die production, extrusion, powder coating, anodizing and fabrication. It is our proficiency to supply a large number of different profiles for different sectors. We are ready to meet your inquiries regarding customized profiles.

Ready to Install Construction Systems

We are ready to share our experience with aluminum bi-fold, winter garden, doors and windows system applications that we have realized in different parts of Europe. These aluminum architectural profile systems can be supplied ready to install form. To do this, share your project with us. We offer fast solutions by submitting our offer in the most favorable terms.


While providing these featured products, we prioritize quality standards. To do this, we adhere to thermal insulation, fire protection, sound insulation, and safety criteria in accordance with European Union standards.

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Decorative Architectural Aluminium Profiles

There is a wide range of architectural aluminium profiles from LED skirting boards to well-designed transaction flooring profiles in our standard product. If it is not meet your requirements regarding your projects, the designer team is able to develop new shape aluminium profiles only for you. This is the most important advantage that sets us apart.


Design development, production all is under one roof. There is no min. order restriction, thousand of rich colour options, different surface treatments, any types of fabrication, we offer you custom production alternatives.

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